About us

Vision and Mission

Dutch Mennonite Mission


God sends his Spirit to the people with the intention that people share it and carry it out. The Dutch Mennonite Mission wants to contribute in making the work of God’s Spirit visible in word and deed.


With the Bible as the most important source of inspiration, the Dutch Mennonite Mission wants to contribute worldwide to religious communication and education and awareness about themes such as love, peace, justice and sustainability. We work with these themes from our roots in the Mennonite tradition and in collaboration with other (religious) organizations and churches.

Principles of our work:

  1. By supporting and setting up projects, we try to serve God’s peace and love in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. This can only be credible if we work together in a dialog. We regret that in the past missionary organizations were often accompanied by colonialism, oppression, violence, Western cultural pedantry and arrogance.
  2. Mission is not a casual hobby or an activity that we could give up. It is our core task. It is part of taking responsibility as a community of faith in the world.